With the help of your donations we have been able to contribute to these projects so far. We are very grateful for all the donations we have received. Here we showcase the projects that have been contributed to with your kind donations.

Sampha Kamara from Sierra LeoneSampha is using the microloan of 500€ to build a pepper and maize farming business, which he will sell directly.
Transcend Africa FoundationEstablished in 2019, the foundation operates primarily within Kampala Capital City, Bundibugyo,  Iganga Municipality, and Fort Portal City. They help less privileged by teaching them how to start and run their own businesses through different activities like advocacy, dialogue, entrepreneurship exhibitions, and training sessions.
Fred in UgandaFred is using the money to invest in his farming business. With the money, he mostly buys fertilizers and seeds to grow corn and rice.
Carolyne in KenyaCarolyne considers herself an experienced farmer, perhaps because she has already been a farmer for 9 years. The funds will be used to obtain fertilizers, seeds and crop insurance.
Naimi in IndonesiaNaimi is a mother of 4; 2 sons and 2 daughters. As a result of Covid-19, her children have to follow their classes online. However, they do not have the means to join these classes. Naimi will use the money to buy a smartphone so her children can join the classes and continue following education despite the limitations of the pandemic.
Anna in UgandaAnna will use the money to buy a solar-powered cookstove which can help her reduce utility expenses. Traditional cookstoves use charcoals and thus create hazardous smoke. The solar-powered cookstove is smoke-free and thus better for her health too.
Jaxfael in NicaraguaJaxfael plans to expand his farm, which he has partiallly inherited from his father. He currently grows corn, beans and coffee. Jaxfael will use the money to increase the amount of beans he has planted on his land. Specifically, the money will be used for seeds, fertilizers and for labor when he needs it.
Wendy Josefina in HondurasIn her small store, Wendy-Josefina sells men’s and women’s clothing. The money will be used to expand her business. Her shop is running well and her customers are loyal, but she believes there is room for her business to expand.
Martinha in Timor-LesteMartinha is 47 years old and has been running her store for several years. Her customers tend to be loyal and buy their sugar, noodles and biscuits at her store frequently. Through her well running store, Martinha has been able to support her family. The money can be used to expand the selection in her store to attract more customers.
Jerlyn in the PhilippinesJerlyn has previously received money to buy a computer and a printer. This helped her set up a business making customized t-shirts. Due to the large demand for her products, she wants to further expand her business. The money will be used for this expansion.
Francis in KenyaFrancis is an experienced farmer, he will use the money to grow maize and to get access to the fertilizers to ensure the maize can be harvested later on. If the harvest for the year is as he expects it to be, Francis will be able to buy a cow using the proceeds from his maize harvest.
Savat in CambodiaSavat is married and has 3 children. Savat cooks food and sells it by motor. He has been running his business for about 2 years. He will use the money to set up store at a market and get his hands on all the ingredients. With an expanded business Savat hopes to make more money so he can send his children to school in the future.
Leon Dario in ColombiaLeon Dario has 3 children and runs a small shop in Medellin. In his shop he sells snacks, drinks and recently face masks. Leon Dario to expand his business so he can better provide for his children, and so he can leave a succesful business to his children in the future. The money will help him to buy more products to sell, which will help him grow his business.

These are the projects we have been able to fund with your donations. We hope to help many more people in the future.