Redonate consists of enthusiastic and committed students with different international and academic backgrounds. Although every committee is responsible for various matters, we support each other through close cooperation and prioritize our group dynamics. We strongly believe that the best results are achieved through good teamwork. Get to know our members!

Supervisory Board

Luuk Philipsen
Tim Hemmers
Charlotte Bear
Miriam Lühr

Management Board Maastricht

Matthew Ellis


Lena Jeremias

Head of Marketing

Matilde Simonetti

Head of Sponsorship

Jasper Rauen

Head of Partnership

Sponsorship Committee

Matilde Simonetti
Celeste Falempin
Alessandro Fiume
Timon Junge
Florence Cunnen
Ben Schwirz
Michael Kalas
Wilhelmine Boelens

Marketing Committee

Lena Jeremias
Chiara Piersensini
Francesca Di Credico
Daphne Leoni

Partnership Committee

Jasper Rauen
Virginia Garcia Lopez
Laurence Loder
Bence Kreitz
Sophie Rick-Spearman
Benedikt Schwegler
Bosse Nehring