Why Redonate?

Redonate is a student-run nonprofit organization providing microloans to the developing world to contribute to the eradication of poverty.


€5 gets you a large coffee in the Netherlands but €5 can go much further in other places.


Giving loans allows us to re-use your donation to help more people - over and over again.


Thanks to you, Redonate can help people all around the world!


Redonate has already been able to contribute to these projects.

Protus from Kenya


Protus represents a lending group of 13 farmers. With the loan, Protus and the other farmers had the opportunity to buy maize seeds, fertilizers and solar light. In total they planted 12.5 acres of land.

Diana from Ecuador


Diana owns a small dressmaking shop in the city center. With the loan, Diana purchased zippers, fabrics, buttons and more. With this she can make more clothing to improve her and her family´s living conditions.

Childebai from Kyrgyzstan


Childebai owns a small farm with two cows, 10 sheeps as well as 0,5 acres of land to grow corn. WIth the loan he bought additional sheeps. This helped him to improve his business as well as the well being of his family.

Maribel from El Salvador


Maribel has a small shop selling weaved products. The loan helped her to strengthen her inventory and increase her business. She managed to employ workers and pays fair wages. The living conditions of her family have steadily improved.

€5 can make a big change

Instead of spending 5€ on chocolate in The Netherlands, you could buy...

Small donations are especially impactful in the developing world. Why? We will show you:
15 Chicks

15 Chicks

in the Philippines
10 kg of Fertilizer

10 kg of Fertilizer

In Kenya
3 kg of Seed

3 kg of Seed

in India

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